Under almost any other writer, I would be hugely trepidatious of what I think is on the way, but Hickman fills me with excitement. 

I also like that with each new promo, the imagery of what you see happening becomes more and more different from the original.

I agree with Tom Brevoort in wondering how they will be able to top the scope of this.

Hey look, its the Nova Youth Brigade! That Time-Lord dude who hates kid Nova is probably going to throw a shit fit over this.

He will probably also mention that Thanos is wearing the Gauntlet on the wrong hand. I wonder if there is a story reason for that, or just something that got lost in the shuffle?

I am sure patloika is going to cream his pants on this one.



UCSM #23 - “Spider-Man No More” cover.

At the start of such an important and emotional arc for Miles (and for me, as well), we all really wanted to nail this cover.  I was a bit hesitant about the John Romita homage - it seemed almost too obvious - but in the end I agreed that the emotional resonance it would have with readers was worth taking the plunge.  And in the end, I was incredibly happy with the results.

I still love the image of miles ripping the costume, though.