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Gabriele Dell’Otto, for your appreciation.



By 9 am tomorrow morning I will be celebrating the successful funding of my book “A Reason To Smile” on Kickstarter! It focuses on a little girl named Luiza Brillante who is a walking silver lining. We get to enjoy a slice of life with Luiza in the city she loves most, the Big Apple, NYC!  Being the good kid that she is, she gets to help people ever once in a while.  Though the problems don’t ever truly go away, a much more managable solution is never far away. you’d like to pre-order the book, head to  today has given you a reason to smile!


My book “A Reason To Smile” is officially funded and made 132% over its goal! I hit 3 stretch goals, corresponded with so many people, and have learned so much in this process! I want to thank all of you who contributed, either financially, or through sharing this project through your networks! This was a truly amazing experience. As an artist you deal with a lot of rejection and today is proof that hard work gets you results! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


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