Did you know that Grant Morrison mapped out the DC Multiverse? His vision works for me. I am not blindly devoted to the guy, but I see merit in the way he is handling the transition to the 5th World.

Jack Kirby went to DC in the late ’60s-early ’70s and worked on his magnum opus, “the Fourth World”. It was composed of a number of miniseries, and it is essential reading for the background of the DC Universe. (Just google this phrase: Jack Kirby’s Fourth World.)

The brunt of the issue deal with gods from different worlds interacting with the mainstays of DC comics, mostly Superman and Jimmy Olsen. The New Gods, Darkseid, Apokolips, and the Forever People all came into play at this time.

Skip forward a couple years, and nobody really knew what to do with the New Gods after Kirby left. They kept the villains - like Darkseid -around, because they were great. But Kirby’s visions for them did not get picked up and worked properly (IMHO, anyways) since Grant Morrison began working on JLA back in 1997. Morrison has steadily built on his vision of DC’s Multiverse, and having been reading it since JLA # 1, I am generally looking to seeing where he goes next.

SDCC ‘14 previewed Andrea Sorrentino’s artwork for the upcoming Uncanny X-Men annual with Brian Michael Bendis. Tempus disappeared for a couple minutes back in Uncanny X-Men, Vol. 3 # 17, right?

Well, where did she go? And why is she noticeably older?

Find out in this (obviously) GORGEOUS upcoming annual!