Frank Quitely is quite frankly amazing.
It’s a pen name he adopted. His real name is Vince Deighan. He lives in Glasgow, Scotland. Fellow Glaswegian creators include Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. Hence they are somewhat frequent collaborators. As a matter of fact, Quitely doesn’t really work with anyone else on interiors.

-He does cover work from time to time (Jonah Hex #1)
-The cover he did for the Flex Mentallo Hardcover.
-The sitting girl is a Convention Program cover (I think)… Or its from Jupiter’s Children (new Mark Millar book).
-Those are the pencils to All Star Superman #8. Study them… And try not to let a smile creep onto your face.
-The Splash Page intro of Counter-Earth Lex Luthor from JLA: Earth 2.
-He did the MadMan pinup for some kind of anniversary or collection or something.
-We3 is breathtakingly beautiful in its artistic accomplishments. In terms of story… I cried my eyes out after reading it.
-That kiss on the Moon is (IMHO) the best single page of Superman every created. (It’s from issue #3 of All Star Superman.)
-Another splash from JLA: Earth 2.
-And, the best for last:
Frank Quitely managed to capture the way to draw Clark Kent & show how he is both different from Superman & still Superman! He did all of it with posture and body language. THAT’S how good Frank Quitely is. Honestly, most guys draw either a Christopher Reeve homage (not a bad route, mind you) or they do what Jim Lee does: put Superman in a suit… Which shouldn’t fool ANYONE, let alone an entire building full of journalists.
Frank Quitely didn’t do either of those things. He made Clark Kent and Superman two separate people, while making them one and the same. And, he did it while putting a twinkle in Superman’s eye. Wow.

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