Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely ~ We3

OK, I’m going to start by saying that there is nothing I hate quite like those animal cruelty commercials that come on at like,
2:00 AM.

That being said, I believe that if you can read all three issues of We3 and not cry, well, there is something wrong with you.

The first 3 images are the covers to 1-3, and they are exactly what they look like: little kid written “I lost my pet” posters. Those pets are the same ones in the story. Just like Logan at the beginning of Weapon X, they were stolen from their lives and experimented upon.

Also, this was published by Vertigo, but Grant Morrison was writing his X-Men opus “NeW-X-MeN” at the time, so there is some heavily implied links to the Weapon Plus program. (The program that created Captain America, Nuke, Wolverine, Deadpool, Fantomex, etc.)

The story itself is kind of like “Homeward Bound” meets Barry Windsor-Smith’s “Weapon X”. Obviously, with Frank Quitely drawing it, and Grant Morrison writing, well, they are the Beatles of Comics. It is not an over statement.

Grant Morrison’s writing is particularly good. The animals are codenamed 1, 2, & 3. So, when they talk to each other, it’s in a kind of weird binary/stream of consciousness.
For example:The cat (2) often disagrees with the Dog (1). The cat expresses this by saying “1 no 0” (One Knows Zero)

Also, just a teaser for my first comments on this:

The cat asks the dog what “home” is.

The dog responds by saying:

"Home is run no more. Is gud. Is b warm. Is gud boss."

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