~I’ve been promising a Disney Post, so here goes~

Carl Barks (March 27, 1901 – August 25, 2000)

-Modern day fans might not remember Carl Barks. They also might not care for his subject matter too much either. But, I bet just about everyone out there saw “the Ducktales Movie” with Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, Louie, and LaunchPad finding the Genie in the Lamp. Carl Barks was THE cartoonist of the 20th Century. And if people look at his work and say “Eh, nothing special” it’s because they don’t know enough about the art form to understand the subtlety of his work. Those paintings I posted, I found in the past-auction archives on http://www.ha.com
The lowest priced painting sold for almost $30,000.00 (Donald in front of the TV). The Flying Dutchman painting sold for approximately $50,750.00. The Golden Knight was north of $70,000. The Scrooge McDuck “Money Charmer” was almost $80,000.00.
People that love Disney art are absolutely FANATICS about Carl Barks, and they will pay a LOT of money for it. That sketch up there was a rough prelim. It sold for almost $3,000.00.
That book sold for a little less than a $1,000.00.

There’s a reason I’m writing down the approximate values of this art: Carl Barks didn’t see a CENT of that money.

Not. One. Cent.

That’s right. That book that listed his name on the cover? He didn’t authorize it. He actually sued Disney over it, and he lost.
Carl Barks was life-long Disney artist, and they only ever paid him a page rate. Even for cover work. He had ZERO rights to any reprints of his work. ZERO rights to any sales. Nothing. Next time you think about Disney, keep some stuff in mind: Walt Produced and was heavily involved in a lot of the Early Disney work. Most of it was animated shorts. The movies, which everyone loves, he is also well known for. -“Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” Major themes of the work: Stealing youth, Evil Mother, Evil Women, Sexual Innuendo (the Woodsman). -“Bambi” Major themes are childhood and death. -“Sleeping Beauty” Major themes are sexuality, youth, and Evil Women that want to steal that youth. -“Dumbo” An other wise lovely tale about a Flying Elephant has an inexplicably placed song in the middle of it featuring -I’m not kidding- a crow named “Jim Crow” that is so fucking racist, they had to edit it out of everything. The crows might as well have been wearing black face and singing “Mammy” while offering to shine shoes. It’s uncomfortable to watch that scene. For me. …And I’m white! -“Fantasia” This was one of the rare times that Walt’s influence didn’t overpower a film. The major themes are whimsy and music and drugs. Seriously. Every one of the animators was notorious for being a pothead. -Walt died in 1966. Aladdin was *kind of* the first time in Disney’s history to feature a Non-White, Non-WASP lead male and female. But, all actors involved were White. And, they animated the Arabic people like they were white (just wearing fezzes). It wasn’t until “the Princess and the Frog” that Disney featured a Black Female lead. That’s pretty fucked up. So, in conclusion, Walt’s employees smoked a LOT of Pot and that was probably at least partially a result of the fact that Walt (apparently) had some SEVERE parental issues, and Walt was particularly angry at Step Mothers in general. Walt was an avowed Racist. His defenders say otherwise, but the numbers don’t lie. He was a known supporter of the American NAZI party, and he only whitewashed that part of his history when World War II started. And, he was accused of Pedophilia so often that Michael Jackson would’ve called him on it. My point for all this? Compare those themes to ANY Pixar movie you can think of. Go ahead. So, when we have kids, we will NOT be going to Disney.

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