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Queen - Flash Gordon (1980)

I am a huge music nerd. If I listen to a band, I listen to everything they’ve released, in chronological order. I am rarely satisfied by “Greatest Hits” collections either. With Queen, the thing that struck me as impressive about their catalogue is that they never repeated themselves. Every album is an experiment, every song is unique… but it all sounds like Queen. Also, all 4 members wrote songs on all of their albums. They took turns writing, creating, everything. The result is that their music is all over the place. It’s all good, it’s just inconsistent. Which brings me to “Flash Gordon”.

If you’ve seen the movie, you already know. If you haven’t… Um, well, Flash Gordon’s first fight with Ming the Merciless’ Men turns into Flash playing football against guys in armor with Swords. One guy, against armed guards, playing football. And, he “wins”. Everyone watching loses, but Flash wins. It is brain-cell killingly stupid.

Regardless of the movie, the music is freaking awesome. And, even better: listen to the album on a car trip. Just put it in and crank it. Freddie only sings on the first track. But, this is Queen’s most cohesive and most consistently listenable album. I’m serious. Please, just give it a shot.

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