Adam Kubert’s Wolverine.

I am (personally) on Wolverine’s side in the ongoing argument he has been in with Cyclops. Always have been. There was a line that Bryan Singer cut from the first draft of the first X-Men movie. When Wolverine is on the train with Rogue, he tells her that she should go back to Xavier’s, and went on to tell her how many times he had tried to kill himself, but his body would not let him die.

Cyclops always had this aura of responsibility about because of his need cover his eyes. He took that and used that self control to turn himself into the best battlefield commander in the Marvel Universe. (Yeah, I think he’s better than Cap). Basically, Cyclops views his need for glasses as a motivation.

Wolverine views his powers as a terrible, terrible curse. The guy is on the teams that he is on because he remembers how often he has killed people, and how he stands in the grand scheme of things. He is a samurai because he knows that a Samurai’s life is about responsibility and honor. It is not a life of happiness. It is a life of servitude to something better. Seeing him become a teacher was best thing that ever happened to him. It really was. It has given him a different outlet for his need for redemption.

I guess what I am getting at is the that Wolverine is actively trying to be a better person, and I can relate to that. I think that Cyclops is too, but he quite frankly does not have as many reasons to want to improve himself. That is what it boils down to for me. Cyclops does not have much to complain about, as compared to other people on his teams, and especially the women in his life. Thoughts? Opinions? Any and all?

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