I met Jimmy Palmiotti at the NYCC in 2008. He handed me a signed copy of Jonah Hex 17 & told me to enjoy. Do the same!

Ignore the movie, but know that the reason it got made is because of how good this series was. The series itself ran to 70 issues, and it was mostly single-issue stories with a guest artist for each one. Jordi Bernet did a three issue origin story, and Phil Noto did a couple as well. But it was mostly one and done stories. That made it very easy to pick up and enjoy as a single issue, or to read continually over the whole series. They rarely got into supernatural stuff, if at all. It was just a consistently great series and it is well worth your time. I do not do this often, but I strongly recommend this book. I was not a Jonah Hex fan until I read this series.

Also, the first TPB collection is called “A Face Full of Violence”.

The Cover artists (same order as the images): Frank Quitely, Richard Corben, Jeff Lemire, Tim Bradstreet, Darwyn Cooke, JH Williams III, Brian Bolland, Tony DeZuniga, Jordi Bernet, and Eduardo Risso

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