Avengers Forever Cover Gallery, Part 1 of 2. Written by Kurt Busiek, with artwork by Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino.

Issue # 1 had two Pacheco/Merino covers:

-The cover with Rick Jones sitting down in a chair was the regular cover. Interestingly enough, George Perez actually inked this cover.

-The Kang Variant was exclusively sold through a promotion by Westfield Comics, and it was available only at the SDCC from the year it was debuted. It is the most expensive and elusive of the variants to this series (in my experience anyways).

Issue # 4 had four seperate covers, each from a different time in Marvel History:

-The Regular Cover by Pacheco/Merino showed the Avengers of the far future.

-John Buscema did an Old-West Avengers Variant, featuring the RawHide Kid fighting Kang and some Velociraptors (Because ‘the RawHide fighting Kang and some Velociraptors’ is just an awesome concept.)

-Frank Quitely did the Avengers of the 1950s Variant. You might know that team as the Agents of Atlas.

-Jeff Smith (of ‘Bone’ fame) did the last variant, showing the classic lineup from the Roy Thomas/John Buscema/Barry Windsor-Smith years.

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